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TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator (TSO) with its main activities in the Netherlands and Germany. With approximately 21,000 kilometres of high-voltage lines it ensures a secure supply of electricity to 41 million end-users. TenneT is one of Europe’s major investors in national and cross-border grid connections on land and at sea, bringing together the Northwest European energy markets and enabling the energy transition.

TenneT station

High Voltage connection BritNed


BritNed, a joint venture between TenneT and National Grid, is a merchant HVDC interconnector connecting the British market with the Dutch market.


Stedin is one of the three largest grid operators in the Netherlands, serving 2.1 million electricity customers and 1.8 million gas customers. Stedin serves the three largest cities in the Netherlands: Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, and also the special area of the main port Rotterdam Harbor which requires high performance in terms of power quality and reliability.

The visit will take you to TenneT’s 380 kV station and the BritNed converter station both at Maasvlakte (near Rotterdam). The 380 kV substation of TenneT connects Stedin, BritNed and 5 generators. Linked with 4 high-voltage lines to the rest of the network with ‘a breaker and a half’ setup makes this a major substation.

The BritNed cable is a bi-pole high voltage direct current interconnector (1000 MW). Converter stations are built at each end of the HVDC cable, one in the UK and the other at Maasvlakte. The converter stations each can act either as rectifiers – converting alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC) – or as inverters – converting DC back to AC.

We will visit one of Stedin’s substations where we show you the newest substation automation technology and extensive replacement of switchgear in a complex environment. For the main port Rotterdam Harbor Stedin has chosen for the voltage level of 66 kV. More information and details about which solutions were chosen, will be given during the Technical Visit.

maasvlakte tour


The port of Rotterdam is one of the key transportation hubs of Europe. Rotterdam’s strong points include its good accessibility by water and the comprehensive network of rail, road and waterways leading form the Netherlands to the European continent. The Maasvlakte was created in the 1960’s by reclaiming land from the North Sea through dykes and sand suppletion. The sand was largely taken from the North Sea and the Lake of Oostvoorne (created by the construction of the Maasvlakte).

In September 2008 work started to expand the harbor by creating the “second Maasvlakte”. This project extends the port of Rotterdam by some 2,000 hectares. If you would like to know more about dredging at sea, rainbowing (sand spraying) on a new port site or loading and unloading at the ultra-modern quays of the largest port in Europe, come to FutureLand and experience history in the making during this visit.

Date: Tuesday, 30 June 2015
Departure: Eindhoven University of Technology at 7:30
Return: Eindhoven University of Technology at 17:00
Price: € 50,-
Number: Limited, first come first served.

The price includes:

  • Technical Visit Stedin
  • Visit and tour Maasvlakte (Information Center FutureLand)
  • Lunch
  • Transfer by bus

Note: No specific insurance is included with this activity.

KEMA Laboratories

KEMA Laboratories is DNV GL’s world renowned Testing, Inspection & Certification organization. Located at several sites across the globe, traditional with state of-the-art facilities are combined to ensure every kind of grid equipment, from medium- to ultra high-voltage, can be tested, satisfying today’s increasingly demanding criteria for performance and safety.

In Arnhem we will visit the following laboratories:

  • KEMA High-Power Laboratory
    The world’s first facility for testing extreme high-voltage (1200 kV) high power equipment. It has the industry’s highest short-circuit power (8800 MVA) delivered by four generators in parallel.? The 2014-15 expansion will raise short-circuit power in the test bed to 13000 MVA.
  • KEMA High-Voltage Laboratory
    It performs medium-, high- and ultra high-voltage testing using state-of-the-art equipment and computerized control systems within several flexible test bays.
  • KEMA Metering, Protection and Substation Automation Laboratory
    It provides complete range of testing for metering, protection and substation automation (MPSA) equipment. KEMA is a Notified Body for energy meter type testing according to the EU’s Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and accredited for testing according to many other standards.
  • Flex Power Grid (FPG) laboratory
    This laboratory is dedicated to testing smart grid components (including power electronics converters) at real-life distribution voltages and power levels. The FPG laboratory offers a unique insight into how grids will perform in the future.
Date: Wednesday, 1 July 2015
Departure: Eindhoven University of Technology at 9:00
Return: Eindhoven University of Technology at 16:30
Price: € 50,-
Number: Limited, first come first served.

The price includes:

  • Technical Visit KEMA Laboratories
  • Lunch
  • Transfer by bus

Note: No specific insurance is included with this activity.

STRIJP-S, Creative & Cultural center of Eindhoven

What used to be the Philips estate will become a rural area that is unique in every respect. No less than 66 acres are turned into an inspiring environment with a mix of living, working and recreation. The Final Urban Development Plan provides for the preservation and renovation of historic buildings combined with new estate.

With creativity and culture being made visible and tangible in all facets, Strijp-S becomes The Creative City with an unequalled character, ambiance and personality, both in the Netherlands and abroad. This city is a platform for designers and design-driven companies, organisations and research institutions in the Brainport Eindhoven region. The city stimulates and connects creative initiatives to strengthen the (inter)national reputation in the fields of high-end technology and design. All the projects developed originating from or in collaboration with the organisation are intended to be a tangible contribution to the improvement of the economic, cultural, and social climate.

Date: Tuesday, 30 June
Departure: Eindhoven University of Technology, bus in front of Auditorium at 13.00
Return: Eindhoven University of Technology at 16.00
Price: € 15,-
Number: Limited, first come first served.

The price includes:

  • Technical Visit Stijp-S
  • Welcome drink
  • Transfer by bus

Note: No specific insurance is included with this activity.

HyTEPS, Power Quality laboratoria

In the fast changing world of electrical energy HyTEPS improves safety, reliability and continuity. Because of the ever increasing use of power electronics, we constantly face new challenges related to Power Quality. Creating a network with acceptable low harmonic distortions, mitigating voltage dips and limiting reactive power are just a few of them. HyTEPS continues to bring new high tech solutions and services, to help improve the safety, reliability and continuity of electrical installations.

Monitoring the Power Quality is of great importance in order to minimise the risks of overloading installations, equipment failures, fire and production losses. The monitoring of Power Quality requires the use of measurement equipment with a high accuracy and specialised software. HyTEPS has many years of experience in monitoring and measuring Power Quality by using state of the art equipment and techniques.

Over the years we have performed Power Quality surveys within various companies and industries. Results showed that improvements in Power Quality and Energy Efficiency were both necessary and possible. HyTEPS introduces its customers to high accurate measuring and monitoring equipment as well as the second generation 3-level topology active harmonic filters. These harmonic filters not only reduce harmonic distortion but also take care of reactive power, fast voltage variations and phase unbalance issues.

We would like to invite you to join us in the Power Quality laboratory for a sparkling session on measurement techniques and we will show you the newest developments on harmonic mitigation through a live demonstration.

Date: Tuesday, 30 June | Wednesday, 1 July | Thurday, 2 July
Departure: Booth HyTEPS Eindhoven University of Technology. First Tour at 10.00 and Second Tour at 14.00 (duration 90 minutes). Thursday, 2 July, only a tour at 10.00.
Return: Booth HyTEPS Eindhoven University of Technology
Price: No fee
Number: Limited, first come first served.

The visit includes:

  • Technical Visit Power Quality laboratory

Note: No specific insurance is included with this activity.

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